In Our Voices

In Our Voices

Here are some thoughts about Teen Club and its different projects from the participants themselves.  Initials may have been changed to protect anonymity.


“After seven years of thinking that I was the only child infected with HIV in Swaziland, hearing that there are others but never meeting any, after seven years of feeling completely lonely as a child, as I had no one my age I could fully relate to–Teen Club came to my rescue in 2006.  It marked the end of the seven years of loneliness I had to endure.  At first, through Teen Club, I was introduced to 20 adolescents who were infected with HIV.  Now, through Teen Club, I have about 200 friends to whom I can fully relate.  Thank you, Teen Club.  I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything else.”

ZS, 18

“Teen Club helped me to see that I’m not alone. Now I see that we are many…I thank the doctors and the nurses for helping us…they show us that they love us and they take care of us.”

SK, 14

“It is very fine and good coming to teen club and it’s also very funny and enjoyable.  The aunties and uncles teach us a lot of good things; about our lives and how to take care of ourselves.  Thank you Teen Club”

AD, 14

Teen Leaders

“I’ve learnt a lot at Teen club. I’ve learnt so much about children and how to respect each other as teens.  I have developed my communication skills.

RK, 15

“Teen Club is a very good place for children that are living with HIV…it is a place where children meet and  can do things like play and learn about [medications] and how to take them correctly and on time. It helps children not to be lonely and to know that they are not the only ones living with HIV.”

NM, 16


It was my first time and I enjoyed it, and was surprised to see what was happening in the Teen Club.  I am 24, but I am nothing compared to the young Teen Leaders.  I liked the way they presented everything.  I wish I and every young child could join the club.  I wish more funding could be given to help with the smaller communities.  Well done, keep it up!”

DF, 24

“Teen Club is a real inspiration.  I could never believe that children with HIV could show so much energy, enthusiasm and life! Teen Club lets kids be themselves without fear of persecution.  By giving kids a forum to create friends that are going through similar issues, it provides a fantastic support network for them.”   

AM, 22